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The top 5 best microphones for DSLR video cameras.

Coming up next is our rundown of investigated mouthpieces for DSLR camcorders. As expressed beforehand, half of them are shotgun mics as they are favored among most of videographers. We additionally gave you some different choices later down the rundown. Tell us what you think in the remarks or which demonstrate you wound up running with!

1-Rode VideoMic Pro

Here’s a standout amongst the most famous amplifiers for DSLR cameras in the market. The Rode VideoMic Pro truly isn’t inadequate with regards to anything, however is even more an issue of if it’s inside your value go. The VideoMic Pro offers a brilliant shotgun condenser mouthpiece, is ultra minimal (150mm long) so it won’t be shaky on your camera, lightweight at 85 grams, battery-fueled (you get around 70 hours of utilization with a 9 volt), incorporates coordinated stun mounting and an inherent froth windscreen. It is snared by means of 3.5mm stereo little jack and offers some dimension and channel controls on the back of the mic. As far as sound quality, you’re essentially getting an ace condenser mic matched up with a genius quality (ideally for your model) DSLR camcorder.

2-Sennheiser MKE 400

Snatching the Sennheiser MKE 400 won’t be a terrible choice, as it comes very near our past pick as far as being a standout amongst the best mics out there for DSLR camcorders. They’re around a similar value point (contingent upon which site you check), in spite of the fact that this model is marginally more so in case you’re taking a gander at account an increasingly exact wellspring of sound, this one might be better. Notwithstanding, we’d even now run with the Rode as we’re greater fanatics of their manufacture. To think about this model, it has all-metal lodging, side clamor dismissal (as all shotgun mics do), a breeze commotion channel, 300 hours of working time (much more than the Rode and takes an AAA battery), and an implicit stun mount.

3-Azden SMX-10

Grab the Azden SMX-10 if you want a budget-friendly, decent quality mic for your DSLR. The name Azden may not ring a bell for a lot of people, but this particular model was highly rated around the market so we had to include it 3rd. It’s nearly half the price of the previous two models listed (depending on the site you check), so if you’re looking to save some cash this may be the route to go. The SMX-10 offers a wide frequency response with pretty clear audio quality, a low-cut frequency filter, 1000 hours of battery life (AAA battery) which is plenty especially if you’re traveling, and comes with a shock mount and windscreen like the others. A pretty “standard” microphone for a DSLR video camera, with “standard” meaning compared to mics that are a lot better than the built-in mechanisms in the video cams.

4-Rode Stereo VideoMic

The Rode Stereo VideoMic is superb if you’re looking to use it for the recommended applications and the best DSLR microphone for you is in the higher price-point. This thing is awesome, and although slightly more expensive than their previous model listed, may be worth the cash if you have it. This is particularly for recording environmental\ambient sounds and live music, otherwise if you’re looking to record dialogue or applications that rely on direction, go with our original VideoMic Pro recommendation. It includes two high-res 1/2″ capsules (condenser) in the unit with an X/Y make for a natural sound. It’s going to give you rear-noise rejection so keep that in mind. As like the others, you get a built-in shock system but also a high-pass filter at 80 Hz if you want (it’ll cut out low-end stuff like traffic, etc). The build quality is great and it sits atop your camera perfectly with no fuss at all. It’s been said to have a great capture field and outside noise rejection. Its one of the best — Rode isn’t messing around with their microphones.


5-Audio-Technica ATR-3350

Peruse the surveys yourself, and albeit quite shabby, the Audio-Technica ATR3350 is justified, despite all the trouble if it’s what you require. Presently we begin to get into the lavalier mics. This Audio-Technica demonstrate is a standout amongst the most exceptionally evaluated out there, though at its cost point. It’s entirely moderate, so on the off chance that you require a financial plan well disposed lavalier amplifier arrangement this is it. It’s omnidirectional and has a position of safety structure for diminished perceivability. In spite of the fact that prescribed for educators to extend their voices resoundingly, it very well may be helpful for meetings and different applications which you require a mic to be near the sound source. Has a recurrence scope of 50 – 18,000 Hz and weight just 6 grams — a very non-meddling answer for the best amplifier for DSLR cameras. We realize numerous who purchase more than one since they’re so valuable and shoddy.